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DWI Class in Bell County, TX

Texas DWI Defined

Bell County School of Defensive Driving is approved to provide all D.W.I courses in any County of The State of Texas. In any County of Texas, driving while intoxicated (DWI) means drunk driving, and the state uses your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to determine whether you're too intoxicated to operate a motor vehicle. If you are stopped by any Law Enforcement Officer and it is determined that you are driving under the influence of any intoxicating substance you will be asked to submit to a physical sobriety and a breathalyzer test. Failure of these tests or refusal to submit to these tests will result in you being arrested and taken to jail. On predetermined weekends Law Officers enforce the "No Refusal Weekend" if you refuse the physical sobriety and the breathalyzer test you will be arrested, taken to jail, where a warrant will be issued to draw your blood. Refusal or failure of these sobriety tests may result in the suspension of your driving license at the time of arrest for up to 180 days.

Below are the state's BAC limits:

​ - 21 years old or older: 0.08%
- Commercial drivers: 0.04%
- Younger than 21 years old: Any detectable amount.

​Alcohol can affect you based on the number of drinks you’ve had, your body weight, and even your gender. Check out the TX blood alcohol percentage charts to learn more.

Texas DWI Defined

TX DWI penalties are based on factors like age, license type, and other circumstances (such as having other passengers in the vehicle, or horrific events like death).

​Common DWI penalties you can expect include:

​ - Fines and surcharges (also tack on court costs and lawyer fees).
- License suspension or revocation.
- Community service.
- Imprisonment (even for a first offense).
​ - DWI education and intervention programs.