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Bell County School of Defensive Driving is owned and operated by Jan Young Hallmark. Mrs. Hallmark holds the following certifications from the State of Texas:

- Licensed Adult Drivers Education School Owner, License No. C2692
- Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program Instructor - S2DDADAP
- Driving Safety Instructor - E.D.S.
​- Supervising Teaching Assistant - Full
- DA License No. 7644
- DS License No. 7644
- DE License No. 7644

Mrs. Hallmark teaches classes in: defensive driving; Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP); Minors in Possession (alcohol and tobacco); and adult driver education. She also gives private driving lessons for adults. She offers competitive rates for classes.

​Mrs. Hallmark's slogan is: "Teaching you the formula for the road."

​She is well-known and loved in Central Texas and holds the distinction of having met Elvis Presley. She is also a certified notary and a licensed realtor. Please
contactus for more information.

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